Ford Fiesta owners told to remain vigilant

Ford Fiesta owners in the Bracknell area have been told to remain vigilant after a number of the vehicles have had parts stolen recently.

Get Bracknell reports that the police have issued a warning to Fiesta owners as some 17 cases of thefts and body component snatches have been reported of late.

The reports were lodged between mid-January and mid-March, with the thefts occurring in a range of areas including the town centre, Crown Wood and Owlsmoor.

Margaret Weber, neighbourhood watch coordinator for Bracknell Forest, told the publication: "We are advising car owners to think about the vulnerability of their cars.

"Parking vehicles out of sight in a garage would be the best remedy."

She added that Fiesta owners could mark the underside of their external parts to make them identifiable if they are found.

Among the parts being stolen by the thieves include front bumpers, wing mirrors and rear spoilers.

The Ford Fiesta was recently described as "one of the most stylish cars in the world" after being given a ‘red dot’ award for international product design.


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