Fiesta fans fail to sway poll

Despite a used Ford Fiesta proving to be a highly regarded car among many motorists, the newest vehicle in the fleet has missed out on becoming car of the year.

Some 80,298 motorists voted in an MSN Cars poll to discover the best vehicle launched in 2008, with the Ford Fiesta only finishing in eighth position.

The vehicle picked up six per cent of the overall vote in the poll, which was won by the Nissan GT-R after collecting 29 per cent of the votes.

Other vehicles to feature highly in the results were the Jaguar XF and the Volkswagen Scirocco.

Tom Evans, content manager of MSN Cars, said: "Congratulations to Nissan and its revolutionary GT-R for capturing the imagination of the British motoring public."

A review of the Ford Fiesta by MSN Cars last year revealed that among the vehicle’s best features were its looks, ride and handling, alongside having a "grown up feel".

The review concluded that the vehicle was worthy of an overall rating of five out of five, especially in the areas of fuel economy and ride and handling.


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