One millionth Grande Punto rolls off the production line

Fiat’s factory in Melfi, Italy has recently had a red-letter day – having just produced its one millionth Grande Punto.

The supermini was first made by the Italian firm 15 years ago and the fact that it is now in its third generation is testament to its enduring appeal; something that used Fiat dealers have happily benefitted from.

The millionth Grande Punto model is no ordinary beast but is a Passionate Red Sporting version boasting a powerful 1.4 T-Jet 120 bhp turbo petrol engine.

So how long will the Grande Punto, which was first produced in 2005, last?

A clue might be found in the history books – the original Punto was produced from 1993 to 1999 and around 3,500,000 were manufactured.

So happily it looks like the Grande could be in production for some time to come. It shelf life could be extended yet further by the fact that several new features targeting a younger market have just been adopted.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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