Fiat 500 price drops again

Chancellor Alistair Darling’s VAT cut has meant that the price of the Fiat 500 has dropped again.

When the car was first launched last January it had a price tag of £7,900. This rose to £8,100 during the summer but the 15 per cent VAT cut has meant that the cost has travelled back down – it is now £7,929.

The news could mean that the car is even more of a bargain for used-Fiat bargain hunters in the near future.

Elena Bernardelli, marketing director, Fiat UK, said: "It has been praised for its style, eco-friendliness, road manners and economy.

"Now the Fiat 500 has re-affirmed its terrific value for money with this latest list price."

Fiat has certainly been busy lately. It has been widely reported that the company has teamed up with fashion house Diesel to create a limited edition Fiat 500 (the Fiat 500byDiesel) which will only be sold online.

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Written by Henry Sweet


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