Ferrari drivers warned of tyre deterioration

Motorists who own Ferraris or other high performance cars have been warned of the dangers of tyre wear.

According to research carried out by TyreSafe, almost a third of sports car drivers could be taking unnecessary risks by letting their tyres deteriorate.

The group carried out research with a leading tyre supplier whereby it checked the condition of all of the tyres removed from high performance cars at one depot.

Some 30 per cent of the tyres that were removed were either defective or badly worn.

While having inadequate tyres on a car is extremely dangerous, particularly on wet roads, it can also lead to the driver receiving a £2,500 fine and three points on their licence.

TyreSafe pointed out that a problem with high performance cars could be that they are not used regularly and therefore not checked as often as they should be. Tyres on these vehicles are also often hidden beneath the wheel arch, making visual checks difficult.

"TyreSafe is urging drivers of high performance cars to take advantage of free tyre checks offered by all reputable tyre dealers," the company said.

"This is to ensure that their tyres are legal and are capable of matching both the performance and handling potential of the car."


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