Nissan Qashqai Video Review


My names Martin, I’m here to talk to you about the multi award winning Nissan Qashqai.

The Qashqai is a wonderful car, not too big, not too small. The perfect size in fact.

The Qashqai comes in a 1.5 Diesel, a 2 Litre Diesel, has a wonderful new 1.6 engine in Diesel form or in
Petrol, as a 1.6 engine and a 2 Litre engine. And across the range of course we can offer, automatic or a manual car.

The Qashqai is currently the 6th bestselling car in the UK.

When we look around the car or indeed if you’ve read about the car you’ll know why, and we’ll see some of the things that make this such a phenomenally popular vehicle.

If we step up to the car, this particular one is the very latest incarnation of the Qashqai.

This is the 360. It’s just taken over from the very very popular N-tech which in fact is the most popular car in the range.

One down from the top of the range which gains heated leather seats and what we call an intelligent key.

This one incredibly well equipped. We’ve got roof rails here, we have a full length glass roof with a shutter that glides across to block out the sun on a particularly hot day.

Inside the car which we will see in a moment we’ve got touchscreen satellite navigation, a full colour reversing camera.

In fact this car also now has a front camera aswell, a side camera and as the name would suggest a 360 degree bird view camera as well.

Particularly attractive diamond cut wheels.

When we come to the edge of the car here, we’ll see that the size of the car, it’s very much a mid sized car.

As we’ve said it’s not too big, not too small, very very comfortable car.

It’s a very good drive and in terms of value for money its pretty hard to beat it.

If your familiar with the inside of the Nissan Qashqai you may wonder what the fabric is on the seating here.

This is the brand new Qashqai 360, which has just taken over from the Nissan N-Tec which is probably the model that most people will be familiar with.

Here we’ve added part leather seats, a new seating fabric which first made an appearance in the Nissan Note.

But this is probably the most popular model in the Qashqai range, very well equipped.

Over here we have the now familiar Nissan connect satellite navigation system.

Very easy to use, touchscreen, works on postcodes and when you put the car into reverse gear you will see that the colour camera will pick up exactly what is behind you.

You press a button here for the front view of the car, press button again and you will pick up the curb to make it so much easier to park.

Other important features down here we have the climate control system and there’s a little button here which if you were to be sitting in the car with me and looking a little bit more closely it’s a rather strange icon, what is it?

What in fact it does is that, if you ever have somebody that says I can’t quite get on with air conditioning, you still need to have a little bit of fresh air coming into the car.

It bypasses the system sends air over the top of the car which drops down at the back, and is very very effective to perhaps those rare occasions where it will be needed.

Bluetooth of course, so that you’re driving along, mobile phone rings, what do we do? We just touch the little icon here and the speakers are built into the car. Perfectly safe, perfectly legal to use the phone while your in the car.

Also the cars got USB of course, so that if you’ve got an iphone, ipod plug one end in the player unit, one end in the USB port.

You can charge your phone at the same time and the music is fully integrated into the system here.

Works really well and then of course you’ve got all of the audio controls replicated onto the steering wheel.

Above me here, this rather strange looking thing if we were outside the car you would see that, it’s taken advantage of the standard roof rails on it.

This one’s got the cross bars and a thule box, but in fact the nicest feature here is the fact that it’s got a full length glass roof.

Very hot day, not keen on the sun? Just one touch here and the roof will glide across and block off the light.

So we’ve got a very well equipped car, an incredibly comfortable car and a great car to drive.

That’s really some of the many reasons why this car, is such a popular model.

Come in and see for yourself if you’re not familiar with the Qashqai, if you’d like a drive get in touch with us.

Come and see us here in Mill Hill at WLMG.


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