Nissan Pixo Video Review


Hi my names Neil, I work for the West London Motor Group.

I’m here today to talk to you about the Pixo.

The Nissan Pixo comes standard with a 1Litre engine.

It’s only available in a 5 door model, but does come with a manual and auto varium.

The C02 emissions can come as low as 103, which will result in a £35.00 a year tax bracket.

With this gives a very good fuel economy and on long distance runs can give you a turn of 74 miles per gallon.

For a small car, it’s got a good sized boot which you will see, and is available as a split seat feature as well.
ABS brakes are a standard on the car as are front electric windows.

You can upgrade the car with front and rear parking sensors and you can also get a clarion stereo upgrade on the Pixo as well.

This is the inside of the Pixo, it will start with the driving position, very straight forward driving position.

Very good vision on the windscreens. With regard to the seat you’ve got a height adjustment on the seat.

Obviously it goes backwards and forwards. The steering wheel goes up and down as well.

As we move across the front you’ll see all the controls are very clear and very easy to use.

Radio system set up in the middle, very easy to use with all the buttons on there.

As we move forward, all the fan controls, it comes with air conditioning on this model.

It’s a 5 speed manual gear box, reverse is literally just to you and drops down into place.

Safety features you’ve got a driver, passenger and side airbags in the car as well. It is also fitted with remote central locking.

The door mirrors are all internally adjustable manually from the inside.

Right ok, thanks for watching.

I’m Neil, if you need anything, any further information on the Nissan Pixo please contact us at West London Motor Group.


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