Nissan Leaf Video Review


Hello and welcome to West London Motor Group.

My name is Ben and I here to show you all about the zero emission Nissan Leaf.

The 100% electric car, Nissan Leaf, does come fully equipped with the navigation, the reverse camera. It comes with Alloy wheels as standard.

It’s not like your conventional electric car, it’s got plenty of space like your average hatch back. It’s got keyless entrance, keyless start which means as long as you’ve got the keys in your pocket, in your handbag wherever you wish to keep them you can walk up to the car, open the doors and the same thing to start the car and shut it back down.

No exhaust, as I mentioned this has zero emissions, basically it is really good for the environment. The charging point for this vehicle is on the front of the car, it has a rapid charger as well as a standard charger.

The standard charge can be plugged into any UK household plug, any 3 pin socket. It can take between 8-10 hours to fully charge the vehicle from absolutely no charge.

On the dashboard here it shows you on the right hand side exactly what sort of mileage range you have available.

The top line up here shows you the power output of the vehicle so when you drive faster it will show you how much power you’re putting down to the ground.

Under braking it does recharge the battery slightly where the power will just go below the gauge here which means it in fact recharging under braking.

The top cluster here you’ve got obviously your miles per hour, your outside temperature and your time.

On the left hand side you can see how economically you’re driving and the more economical you drive you start to build a tree.

You’ve got all your cruise control and speed limiters, on the left hand side is all the audio controls and the Bluetooth controls. Not only does it work as a Bluetooth control, it also has voice recognition.

Satellite navigation is not just UK navigation its also European navigation and it has all the speed camera alerts on there.

Not only with the FM radio and the cd input, it also has USB and Auxiliary input for the external music players.

It also has a reverse camera which fires up on the screen itself, shows you exactly where the car finishes and what’s going on behind you.

A car like this, an electric car, the Leaf in fact does 300 plus miles per gallon as it is 100% electric.

There’s no gear box, it’s a drive train that gets the car moving.

You can do up to 110 miles on a full charge depending on your driving style and the driving situation.

Windscreen wipers and headlights are all automatic.

Bluetooth is integrated with an internal alarm also.

The Leaf is compatible with the Smart Phones which means you can see how much charge is left on the vehicle from your Smart Phone, you can see how long it will take for it to recharge fully.

Also you can fire up the car without having to be there to get the heaters going on cold winter mornings, all done from your Smart Phone.

So if you’re tired of paying Road Tax and congestion charge give West London Motor Group a call and get yourself booked in to try out the brand new Nissan Leaf.


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