Nissan Juke Video Review


Hi, my name is Martin, I am here to tell you about the Nissan Juke.

The Juke slots in middle of the Nissan range alongside the Note and comes in a 1.6 engine in a Petrol and comes in a manual form, automatic or as a 1.5 diesel car. It’s basically a super mini, it’s a roomy, chunky and funky but small car.

Let’s have a look at the inside of the car now and we’ll talk about the level of equipment inside it. Here we are inside the Nissan Juke, like all modern cars there are various models within the range same size car in the Juke’s case it starts off with the entry level Visea and moves up to what we term the Ascenta, Ascenta premium adds this feature here, the satellite navigation system which we’ll come back to in a second.

Then the top of the range car which has heated leather seats as well and a push button start. As you can see over here. This particular model is based on Techno, this is actually a Ministry of Sound special edition, you won’t see many of these it was only produced in a limited run of 250.

Inside what are the differences, very little, the stitching on this is a little more pronounced. Some may say the Techno is a little bit more subtle. Inside the car here you would have a choice of Gun Metal Grey or a Red, this is actually meant to represent a Motorcycle so that’s where this distinctive shape comes from.

Coming back to the level of equipment, all the Jukes are very well equipped, this one obviously represents the top of the range this is touch screen satellite navigation in fact the whole unit is touch screen, touch audio that will list all of the FM stations here, key them in, over to here the navigation system, postcodes very very simple to use.

Down here we have a USB port so ideal if you have an iPod or you want to play music from your iPhone. On top of that you have what we’ve come to expect these days, Bluetooth.

Bluetooth a brilliant feature, if you don’t have it you really don’t know what you’re missing, you’re driving along with the car, mobile phone rings you just touch the icon on the steering wheel. Completely legal to talk on the phone, completely hands free and safe.

A very comfortable car indeed to sit in, lovely drive, nice light steering. We’re selling an awful lot of Nissan Jukes, I’m sure that each day you’re seeing more and more of these cars on the road, if you drive the car you will see why.

Here we are at the rear of the car, this one as you can see Ministry of Sounds’ special edition and if we just touch the little button here to lift up the hatch and here is a little camera because when we were looking inside the car we saw that the touch screen satellite navigation when you put the car into reverse you automatically see what’s behind you.

If we just look at the standard view from inside the back of the car, we’ve got perfectly flat load space and we take one of the seats here, seat drops down and splits 2 thirds, 1 third and that’s a pretty big area.

If you would like any more information on the award winning Nissan Juke, come and see us here at WLMG Nissan in Mill Hill.


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