Spend some cash on a Citroen C1 Splash

Citroen is confident that it new C1 Splash car could help Brits save some cash during the credit crunch.

As owners of used Citroens will testify, it is important to have a car with low CO2 emissions in order to pay less Vehicle Excise Duty and the Splash certainly fits the bill in this regard.

In fact it has the title of the best selling sub 110g/km CO2 emitting car in Europe, with ultra-low emissions of just 106g/km placing it in the group 1 insurance sector.

The Splash comes in two new colours – metallic Electra Blue or Lipizian White. The custom coloured door mirrors were designed to complement these shades; hence metallic black mirrors for the white model and white door mirrors for the blue one.

Based on the new 1.0i 68hp VT model, the car is available in three or five-door versions and is priced from just £7,345 (only £550 dearer than the VT model).

Written by Suzy Kay


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