Citroen strengthens its appeal to younger drivers

The younger motorist has been targeted by Citroen as it launches its latest supermini range.

A line of C1, C2 and C3 Airplay plus editions are being released by the automaker this month, with the intention of providing "more music, more colour and more kit for younger buyers".

These special edition cars will follow last year’s original C1 Airplay and feature a four-gigabyte iPod and an integrated docking station to charge the player.

The C1 Airplay plus, which replaces the 2006 model, is available with three or five doors, "vibrant" body colours, "eye-catching" decals, colourful trim inserts and a leather gearknob.

A yellow, black or silver body with chrome or green interior inserts will be the colour options for the C2 Airplay plus, which adds air conditioning and electric door mirrors to its provisions.

The C3 version will be available in a red, blue or silver exterior with a complementary red, blue or chrome interior insert.

This model will also have the convenience of a CD player and will have a competitive recommended price of £7,990. The C1 Airplay plus is the most affordable option at £6,995 with Citroen’s February cashback offer.


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