Citroen puts dolphins behind the wheel

Citroen has announced the latest innovation to be incorporated into its advertising campaigns – dolphins driving cars.

The new commercial follows recent ads from the French manufacturer which involved cars transforming into robots with the ability to dance and ice-skate, which were used to promote the C4.

Citroen’s C3 supermini is the subject of the new adverts, which will show dolphins behind the wheel of the car to the soundtrack of Beyond the Sea.

The idea has been realised through computer-generated imagery and is intended to represent the fact that the C3 is "designed for happiness".

Justin Hooper, creator director of Euro RSCG, Citroen’s ad agency, said: "With its curvy design, the Citroen C3 has a friendly, happy personality and we have tried to express this idea of fun by using dolphins, known for their playfulness."

The cars themselves will also mimic dolphin-like behaviour in the commercial by riding waves, leaping into the air and darting underwater.

British customers will first see the new advert on May 14th.


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