Citroen offers motorists checks to stay green

French motor manufacturer Citroen is giving drivers in the UK the chance to remain environmentally-friendly with a new scheme.

The firm is offering green-conscious motorists a check-up on their vehicle, during which technicians will examine the unit and look for ways in which emissions can be reduce and fuel consumption kept low.

"For example, running on correct tyre pressures, removing any unnecessary loads and removing roof racks that may have been left in situ longer than required," said the firm.

In addition, the experts will perform a health check in which 22 areas including tyres, the battery and gearbox will be examined.

This could provide piece of mind for motorists looking to protect themselves as well as the environment.

People have been advised to book in advance at participating dealers, with the full service costing £29.99.

Earlier this year, former US vice president Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to raise environmental awareness.


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