Citroen makes a song and dance about the Charleston

Citroen has unveiled the first details of a special edition of its funky convertible supermini, the C3 Pluriel – which will be known as the Charleston.

The Charleston is a dance that became popular in prohibition-era America and involves crossing your arms and putting them on your knees while kind of stooping down.

You can still see many young and old people do a variation of it at discos and wedding receptions.

Citroen is hoping that its new limited edition car, which will go on sale in the UK in early 2009, will have an equally cross-generational appeal.

Blending nostalgia and contemporary styling, the C3 Pluriel Charleston could well strike a chord with both 2CV fans and buyers looking for a vehicle with individual design flair.

Using a daring colour combination of black and Bordeaux red, the sophisticated Charleston special edition will feature gloss-black fittings, leather upholstery and chrome trim.

Stylish 15 inch aluminium wheels will have red embellisher centres that guarantee elegance and definition.

Written by Bobby Minter


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