Citroen set to reveal C5 Airscape

Citroen will be unveiling its C5 Airscape concept car to the public at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The vehicle’s most defining feature is its carbon-fibre folding roof, typical of up market cabriolets, which has a textile lining and integrated sunroof.

Inside, the car features a dark brown leather interior offset by chrome, which the company claims is reflective of the refined and sophisticated nature of the car.

Similarly, touch-sensitive buttons with a thin membrane-like coating allows the driver to always be in control with comfort.

It is also environmentally-friendly, managing its fuel via an UrbanHybrid system which includes a reversible alternator-starter and super capacitors.

"This system allows onboard equipment, such as the air conditioning or audio system, to be powered by energy recovered during braking and deceleration, while engine torque can be temporarily boosted when required," read a press release.

The Frankfurt Motor Show takes place from September 11th 2007.


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