How European values have influenced American classics

Previous US-only manufacturers, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler, have adapted their styling and interior options to win over European customers and have just celebrated selling over 4,000 vehicles in March.

A new marketing and consumer campaign was launched just after Christmas, involving the dealerships, and it appears that this has begun to succeed.

Jon Wakefield, sales director for Chrysler UK limited, said: "This is the best ever March sales volume for our brands in the UK and a 20 per cent increase on March 2007."

Simon Elliott, managing director of Chrysler UK limited, said: "When Chrysler and Jeep originally launched in the UK in 1993 we sold just 3,914 vehicles in a full year.

"To sell more than this in just one month is a significant achievement for our UK business, and I am very proud of the tremendous effort made by our dealer network. Looking forward, we have significantly improved the quality of our products – with new diesel engines and European-style interiors – and this will help us to continue our success into 2008 and beyond."

The top five models were the Dodge Caliber, selling 710 last month, the Jeep Patriot, selling 594, and the Chrysler 300C, Dodge Nitro and the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which all sold over 400 vehicles each.


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