More RHD Cadillacs on their way to the UK

Classic car manufacturer Cadillac has confirmed that it will be sending more right-hand drive (RHD) cars to the UK for sale next year.

Cadillac’s new CTS Saloon was unveiled at the Detroit motor show and this model is expected to be one of the main boosts for the company’s sales in the UK.

The luxury brand, which is owned by General Motors, the company responsible for other classic American marques such as Chevrolet, has produced a car which is even more visually striking than its previous models with the CTS.

Cadillac is renowned for its strong, angular design motifs and its new vehicle is marked out by an imposing front grille. A 3.6-litre, V6 direct injection powertrain lies under the bonnet.

However, the interior of the car is believed to have a more European feel to some of its predecessors, with wood and metal detailing.

Cadillacs are currently available in the UK but the launch of an RHD model should make them a much more interesting prospect for drivers.

The company also plans to make its cars more widely available through a broader range of dealers as it tries to boost its presence on British shores.


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