Chevy drivers given service assistance this winter

Chevrolet owners will be able to carry out a series of checks on their cars this winter period for a fixed charge of £8, the manufacturer has announced.

Participating retailers will be running a ‘ten-minute car clinic’ to help owners of more than 200,000 Chevrolet and Daewoo cars maintain their vehicles’ functions during the cold phase of the year.

Features such as coolant levels, including antifreeze protection, engine oil, brake fluid levels and screenwash, which can occasionally be influenced by winter weather, can be checked with the service.

Car parts that will be important in adverse driving conditions can also be maintained, such as lights, tyres and wiper blades.

Tyre pressures will be correctly set, any low fluids will be automatically topped up and if wiper blades, lights or tyres require any further attention a cost estimate will be provided free of charge.

Chevrolet also announced that improvements to the crash repair facilities offered at its retailers are being carried out and are designed to reflect developments in technology, improvements in operating procedures and changes in construction.


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