Chevrolet launches Captiva as world’s first ‘scratch car-d’

Chevrolet has turned its Captiva 4×4 into the world’s first ‘scratch car-d’ to mark the UK launch of the model.

The SUV took two months to prepare as it was coated in silver latex, the material found on ordinary scratch cards.

Thousands of people gathered in London’s Covent Garden, grabbed a penny and scratched away at the car, in the hope that they would uncover the panel bearing a symbol to win the vehicle.

It took 14 hours for the latex to be entirely scratched away from the Captiva.

Ahead of the event, Les Turton of Chevrolet said: "It’s exciting and unique to unveil the world’s first ‘scratch car-d’ in the UK, giving the British public the chance to take part in the biggest scratch off in history.

"The Captiva is set to be one of the best value for money SUVs on the market, but the fact that a lucky participant is only one scratch away from winning the car represents even better value."

The Captiva is the first SUV to be launched on the UK market by Chevrolet.


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