Chevrolet Beat concept goes into production

Automaker Chevrolet has announced that a range based on the popular Beat concept car has gone into production.

Officials at the company moved forward with the project due to public demand, after an online poll saw it garner more votes than two other minicars, the Trax and the Groove.

Chevrolet commented that the new vehicle will embody the core values of the original Beat concept, giving motorists a compact, modern car which is great value for money.

It added the model will be available for motorists to drive out of dealerships in 2010.

"Beat resonated with customers all around the world. Chevrolet was overwhelmed by the positive reaction to each of the three mini concept cars, but Beat was a sound winner," said general manager Ed Peper.

Chevrolet is the largest brand owned by General Motors and currently has 20 active vehicles on the market worldwide.


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