Car of the Week: The Morgan Plus 8

The Morgan Plus 8


Built by British car makers Morgan since 1968, the Morgan Plus 8 has been incredibly popular ever since the first model rolled off the production line, and even Jay Leno owns a hot rod version. Among Morgan enthusiasts in particular, the Plus 8 is synonymous with Peter Morgan, the owner and chairman behind the car’s design.

(Jay Leno’s Plus 8)

Development of the Plus 8 was led by the specially appointed Maurice Owen, and the prototype had a chassis which was essentially a modified version of a Plus 4. The alterations were necessary in order to accommodate the Rover V8.

The Morgan Plus 8

Between 1973 and 1976 there were a number of iterations of the Morgan’s design, with the Plus 8 undergoing a series of chassis developments in order to accommodate gearbox changes. This, however, wasn’t the only change and in 1976 the body was eventually widened to support a larger chassis.

The Morgan Plus 8

From here, the wings were widened to allow for larger tyres to handle the increasing power and trend for lower profile and wider tyres. All of these changes made a large difference. The first iteration of the Plus 8 was 57 inches wide, while the final version was 64 inches wide. The changes, however, made a large effect, and for many years throughout the 1960s, the Plus 8 was the fastest accelerating UK production car.

The Morgan Plus 8

Morgan were (and still are) incredibly proud of this record, and in 1983, they offered an EFI version that utilised a Bosch L-Jetronic based system. This boosted the BHP to 204 and, because the car was still incredibly light, it meant that the Plus 8 was able to easily beat a Porsche to the 90 mph mark.

From here, the car evolved further and further, with Morgan unveiling a 4.7l V8 version of the Plus 8 Roadster at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show alongside an electric version known as the Plus E; thus catapulting the Plus 8 into the 21st century. The enduring popularity of the Plus 8 means that, despite first being built in 1968, it is still being built today.

The Morgan Plus 8

This particular model perfectly exemplifies exactly what makes the Plus 8 so great. A 1978 Plus 8 Sport 2 door, it has had one owner from new and has only completed 38,000 miles since it rolled off the production line.

Available with a comprehensive history that documents everything from servicing to every fuel and oil replenishment, it really is in absolutely excellent condition for its age. The original hood, sidescreens and tonneau are all in excellent condition, but a completely new set of sidescreens, a black mohair hood and a spare wheel cover come with the vehicle. A highly rare and extremely beautiful vehicle, this Plus 8 really is a great find, so arrange a viewing today.

(Plus 8 at the Festival of Speed)


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