Car of the Week: Nissan Juke

When the Nissan Juke first burst onto the scene in 2010, it certainly made a name for itself with its unique style. Since then it has gone on to be one of Nissan’s most popular vehicles, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does the Juke feature a choice options and an exciting design, but it’s also very safe and dependable. So, to take a more detailed look at what makes the Juke so great, we’ve made it our ‘Car of the Week’.


The style of the car itself is what immediately stands out. As a 5-door mini SUV, you might expect the Nissan Juke to be on the larger side, but apart from the distinctively accentuated wheel arches, the car itself is quite sleek and compact. The beneficial results of which are easier parking and greater manoeuvrability in traffic, making this an ideal choice for inner city driving.

It’s not all about the Juke’s looks though. You can choose from a selection of engine ranges, from 1.2-1.6 litres in the petrol models and the 1.5 litre diesel option. The latter of which is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something economical, with claimed fuel economy of 55.4-70.6 MPG. Nissan have power and speed in mind too, as the 1.6 DIG-T petrol engines available in selected Nismo models are turbocharged and can feature a 6-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive.


From a driving perspective, the Juke handles well even on winding country roads, and at high speed, the cabin is relatively quiet. The suspension, although finely tuned, is a little stiff on more uneven roads, but on normal surfaces you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

The convenience of the 5-doors makes access in and out the car very easy, plus the spacious cabin can comfortably seat a family of five. One criticism the Juke has faced in the past though is the lack of boot space. You’ll easily fit in a weekly shop but if you have a full car and need to store luggage, you may find yourself a little short on room. Fortunately, the rear seats do fold down and can then offer quite a substantial amount of storage.


Nissan also have the safety of their passengers in mind, and as you’d expect the pre-2014 Juke comes with a full five star safety rating. The ‘Tekna’ range has added safety features too, including object detection and warning systems. While this may not be fitted as standard to every Juke, in the majority of them you can find a choice of accessories and useful features. Nissan certainly have been generous with these as many Jukes can include electric mirrors and windows, Bluetooth compatibility and heated and electrically adjustable seats, as well as much more.


For further information why not take some time to look at our user reviews and see what drivers of the Nissan Juke really think.

Also be sure to have a look at our featured Juke, the 1.5 dCi Tekna 5-door from 2014. This gorgeous black, diesel model offers you excellent fuel economy and the aforementioned added safety features. Additionally, this car comes with automatic headlights and wipers as well as cruise control, the Nissan content Satnav system, and much more. All with a low mileage of 8,221 and a great value price – read the full listing here.


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