BMW Hydrogen 7 goes on the road

The world’s first hydrogen-powered emissions-free luxury saloon car, the BMW Hydrogen 7, will drive from Brighton to London today.

A trio of the cars will take part in the Revolve Brighton to London rally for low and zero-emission vehicles, following the Hydrogen 7’s launch at the BMW golf championship at Wentworth.

Starting on Madeira Drive on the south coast, the cars will then follow a planned route to end up at Trafalgar Square, being introduced to the Prince of Wales, the deputy mayor of London and a number of other dignitaries on the way.

BMW’s Hydrogen 7 model will then be put on display along with a number of other participating cars at the Science Museum.

John Hollis, head of government and industrial affairs for BMW, said: "The use of the BMW Hydrogen 7 at the Revolve Brighton to London rally marks yet another step towards hydrogen powered cars becoming an everyday reality on the streets of this country.

"Zero emission motoring is no longer a dream and this car proves the technology isn’t as far away as some sceptics may think."

Mr Hollis said that BMW wants to "kick-start" the debate about the future of personal mobility and the significance of hydrogen as "the definitive fuel".


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