New A5s released by Audi

Audi dealerships are now taking orders for a number of new models released in the A5 range.

The firm will be releasing 3.2 FSI and 2.7 TDI versions of the A5 to go along with the 3.0 TDI and 4.2 V8 FSI S5 units already on the market in the UK.

Environmentally-friendly drivers may be pleased to learn that the A5 3.2 FSI comes with Audi valvelift technology, which will reduce fuel by consumption by ten per cent.

The technology was first seen in the A8 2.8 FST luxury saloon – a vehicle with the lowest CO2 emissions in the UK.

Audi had explained how the system works: "When throttle usage is more relaxed, the control mechanism selects a lower profile, reducing the amount of fuel and air compressed."

Meanwhile, Audi has also revealed that it will offer low emissions and reduced consumption when its new A3 hatchback rolls onto the market.


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