Audi leads the way with LED headlights

Audi has been busy publicising the fact that its new R8 V10 is the first car in the world to offer all-LED headlamps as standard.

This development could soon lead to all used-Audi cars having LED headlights.

Orders started to be placed for the R8 on New Year’s Day and the LED headlamps are sure to be a big selling point as the technology is about eight times more efficient than halogen light.

The LEDs also have a reputation for having a "practically indefinite service life" and can react up to ten times more quickly than so-called ‘old style’ incandescent bulbs.

Dr. Wolfgang Huhn, head of the light and visibility department at Audi, is adamant that the light-emitting diodes aren’t a "mere marketing gimmick".

He said: "Everyone who has seen these lights in action is not only astonished by the excellent output but also thrilled with the homogenous distribution of light and the agreeable, daylight-esque colour of the light."

Mr Huhn is confident that the R8 has the ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ factor associated with Audis.

Written by Stephen Eagle


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