Audi crossover ‘defines new segment’

Audi has claimed that its new Cross Coupe quattro, which has been presented at the Shanghai Motor Show, will create a new segment in the field of crossover vehicles.

The model will combine the design and dynamic appeal of a sports car with the spaciousness and practicality of a four-seat SUV, according to Audi.

Among the features of the Cross Coupe is a four-cylinder RDI engine with common-rail fuel injection, capable of delivering 204bhp.

Audi’s quattro four-wheel drive system is described as "a matter of course" on models with off-road potential and the Cross Coupe will also utilise the Audi S dual-clutch gearbox, making gearshifts executable "in a matter of milliseconds".

A number of different driving programmes are available with the vehicle, divided into sport, dynamic and efficiency settings, with the latter offering modifications to support an economical driving style and a system to deactivate "energy-hungry" components.

The vehicle’s sound system "sets a new infotainment standard in the class", according to Audi, while an ambient lighting setup adds character to the interior.

On the outside, the Cross Coupe is stylised by 20-inch wheels and a fabric folding roof which is operated electrically.


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