Audi celebrates product innovation with competition launch

Top automaker Audi has celebrated the fact that it is one of the leading manufacturers in terms of product innovation by offering a truly unique competition.

According to Audi’s recent A6 advertising campaign, it has filed more patents than Nasa in its time producing vehicles.

To celebrate this impressive fact, the manufacturer is offering a competition to launch one person 62 miles up into sub-orbital space at speeds of more than 1,500mph.

After undergoing extensive training, the winner of this competition will be launched into the atmosphere in a Xerus rocket, experiencing g-force, weightlessness and a view of the earth that few humans have ever seen before.

To be in with a chance of winning the competition, entrants have to state what they think is the best patented invention of all time, with cat’s eyes, the television and even the internet all among the possible choices.

Jeremy Hicks, director of Audi UK, said that this contest is a fitting reflection of the car manufacturer’s brand.

"This couldn’t be much better suited to us," he said.

"Audi is already no stranger to pushing back the boundaries of what is possible technologically and aesthetically, so it is fitting that when the Vorsprung durch Technik brand runs a competition it doesn’t simply see the sky as the limit!"


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