Green Audi A3 free from congestion charge

Audi’s environmentally-friendly A3 will be exempt from the congestion charges under consideration in London.

The A3 1.9 TDI offers a CO2 output of 119 grammes per kilometre and increases fuel economy to 62.7 miles to the gallon.

Its optimised engine, transmission and aerodynamics allow these reductions, while a five-speed manual transmission reaching 120 mph proves that nothing is sacrificed in the process.

Audi has said that such eco-friendly moves will become commonplace across the manufacturer’s vehicles in years to come.

"The measures taken to increase economy and minimise emissions in the A3 will also be employed in the creation of more efficient versions of other models in the Audi range in the near future," the company stated.

Meanwhile, the Association of British Drivers has criticised congestion charging, branding it "the latest high-tech weapon under development by the government in its undeclared war on drivers" on its website.


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