Audi A3 to benefit from some fuel consumption enhancement changes

In an attempt to try and reduce the fuel consumption of some of its model range by 20 per cent, Audi is to implement some new technology to some of hits cars.

Beginning with the Audi A3 1.4 TFSI with a manual gearbox, the manufacturer will add technologies including a stop-start system, an on-board computer with an efficiency programme and an energy recovery system to vehicles.

The developments will be made from the second quarter of the year, with the Audi A3 being joined by other models in the range including the AUDI a4.

It is believed that start-stop technology can reduce CO2 emissions by 5g/km on average simply by shutting down the engine of a car when it is stopped, before automatically turning back on when a motorist presses down the clutch ahead of pulling away.

Meanwhile, the on-board computer will display to a driver how they can improve their driving style to become more efficient.

According to Audi, the new A3 is "more contemporary and more distinctive than ever", thanks to the inclusion of sharper contours which help to boost road presence.


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