We want to get a baby seat to use in our 2007 Nissan Qashqai Tekna. A Graco Logico s uses the adult seat belt, does it need no other fixings?

We want to get a baby seat for our first grandchild due this May to use in our 2007 Nissan Qashqai Tekna. My son and daughter-in-law have asked for a Graco Logico s hp Group 0. I understand this uses the adult seat belt. Does it need no other fixings? Many thanks Jo Rogger

Asked by Jo Rogger

It is still common to find child seats – both rear-facing and forward facing – that are installed using the adult belts. Misfitting is quite a common problem with these though unless instructions are followed carefully, as belt routing in some cases can be difficult to follow.

There is also a risk of incompatibility between child seat and car – you’re relying on the location of adult belt anchorage points, the length of the adult belt and the angle of the car seat cushion to get a secure installation but none of these is regulated with child seat installation in mind. For this reason it’s important to buy from a retailer who can confirm that the child seat is compatible with your car or who will help you test fit the seat in your car.

The alternative to adult belts is a plug-in system called ISOFIX – I think the Qashqai has ISOFIX anchorage points in the two outboard rear seating positions.

Rear-facing baby seats that use ISOFIX generally use a separate ISOFIX base which can be left attached to the vehicle with the child seat being clipped into and out of the base as required. This will be a more expensive solution but you might find it more convenient if you’re carrying your grand son a lot.


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