VW Going Budget

German car giants VW have announced they are going to go head-to-head with Renault’s budget-busting Dacia, by launching a cost-conscious budget brand of their own.

The brand name for the cheap Volkswagens are not yet known, however their prices are thought to range from as little as £4800 OTR. The three vehicles currently being considered are a saloon at £4800, an estate at £5600 and an MPV at £6400. Volkswagen might have some PR issues, as the cars are due to be built in China or India using cheaper labour from existing partnerships the German company has in place.

The vehicles will use a similar architecture to the current VW group, Polo and Golf designs will underpin the budget offerings, while front wheel drive and EU6 compliant engines will be standard. It is thought that, while the VWs will be available in Europe, they will be aimed at emerging markets and be extremely basic. Air con and additional styling will be extra, while the designs could be euphemistically called retro and (unkindly) called boxy.

A name for the new brand has yet to be announced, however sources suggest a new non-VW badge will definitely be on display. Production on the new brand and its three models is thought to be relatively advanced with production expected to begin in the latter part of 2014.

As far as a brand name is concerned, can we offer etat, which our rudimentary google search has thrown up as German for budget?


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