Toyota launch MK4 RAV4 in LA

Toyota launch MK4 Rav4 in LA

In what has got to be the longest press release ever written, Toyota have announced that they will debut their MKIV RAV4 at the Los Angeles Motor Show which runs between November 30 and December 9. 

The fourth incarnation of the popular RAV4 (Recreational Active Vehicle), which was launched in 1984, is, according to the Japanese company, more stylish, ergonomic, safer and a better drive. But then, they would say that.

The RAV4 MK4 will be looking to build on the best part of five million sales around the world – a quarter of which have come in Europe. The fourth version is 205mm longer and 30mm wider than the MK3, while would-be boy racers get 25mm closer to the road. The aesthetics are also a little more athletic. The new bumper, for example, surrounds the entire base of the RAV4, providing more protection and presence. Internally, the new RAV4 is roomier and has more a touch more finesse and drivability than previous models.

The driving position has been designed for excellent ergonomics, greater comfort, better forward visibility and a more engaging driving experience. To provide a racier feel, the driver’s hip sits 5mm lower, the seat can go 15mm lower and the steering wheel angle is 2.3 degree lower. The loadspace has been increased to 547 litres and the undertray doubled in size from 49 to 100 litres. For the first time, the RAV4 will feature a top-hinged tailgate offering an impressive 1,370mm-wide aperture.

The RAV4 lines up with four engines.

  • A 2-0 litre 149bhp 167 CO2 petrol engine
  • 2.0 122bhp 127CO2 diesel engine
  • 2.2 148bhp 167 CO2 diesel engine
  • and an automatic 2.2 148bhp 176CO2 diesel engine

In terms of drivability, Toyota have re-turned the RAV4’s suspension, power steering – and added Sports Mode to their Integrated Dynamic Drive System. Down-hill Assist and Hill-start Assist Control are available. There’s also a clever Lane Departure Alert which goes off when the driver is unintentionally moving out of its lane. A Blind Spot Warning System also alerts when a car is in the RAV4’s, erm, blind spot.

In Europe the new RAV4 will be available in nine colours, two of which are new, Titan Blue and Highland Green.


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