Top 5 economical estate cars

Honda Civic Tourer

Estate cars may be larger, heavier and more powerful than their hatchback equivalents, but there are still many economical driving estate options available. Manufacturers have been focusing on reducing CO2 emissions and improving mpg to each offer at least one economical estate car in their range as economical driving is good for the environment and even better for drivers’ wallets.

At AA Cars we’ve put together a compilation of some of the best economical estate cars on the market today based on their official and true miles per gallon (mpg), CO2 levels and driving performance.

  1. SEAT Leon ST 1.6 SE Tech Ecomotive

Ecomotive by name, ecomotive by nature. The 1.6 litre diesel version in the SEAT Leon ST range offers the most economical driving, with a claimed mpg of over 80 and producing CO2 levels below 100g/km to qualify for zero road tax.

Using the same chassis as the Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3 makes it a fantastic ride and more affordable than those two models. Plus, it’s got that sleek and stylish look the Spanish manufacturer is famed for.

Official mpg: 85.6

CO2: 94g/km

  1. Honda Civic Tourer i-DTEC EX+

If space is your number one requirement, along with economical driving, then this Honda Civic Tourer is the best choice. Incredibly practical with seats that fold completely flat, there’s tons of room for big and bulky loads.

CO2 emissions just creep above 100g/km but an impressive mpg and sharp looks expected from the Japanese manufacturer help it stand out. A quiet diesel engine makes for an enjoyable drive as well.

Official mpg: 72.4

CO2: 103g/km

  1. Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1.8 Hybrid

A petrol hybrid option, this Toyota Auris isn’t particularly sporty despite its name, but it is an incredibly green runner. Essentially an estate version of the Auris hatchback, it features a huge interior that is a great economical choice for families.

Low CO2 emissions mean it’s exempt from car tax and the 1.8 hybrid engine ensures it’s a fast accelerator. A fairly average price when new, the most affordable options are available with used Toyota cars.

Official mpg: 76.3

CO2: 85 g/km

  1. Dacia Logan 1.5 MCV dCi

The Dacia Logan range offer some of the cheapest estate cars around. Running costs are incredibly cheap for such a large and practical vehicle (this model features 573 litres of boot space, extended to 1518 when the seats are folded).

It may not be the most attractive from the outside, nor is it the most refined drive, yet there can be few complaints about these compromises from such an economical estate car. High official and real world mpg and CO2 emissions below 100g/km are ideal.

Official mpg: 74.3

CO2: 99g/km

  1. Skoda Octavia Estate Greenline III 1.6 TDI CR

Skoda has experienced a great improvement in its reputation in recent years, and this economical estate car looks set to further improve it. CO2 emissions that creep just into Band B are offset by its low buying and running costs.

Featuring a smart and practical interior, it’s a popular choice for taxi drivers, best demonstrating its economical driving traits. It may not be the comfiest or quietest cruiser but it is one of the best budget buys.

Official mpg: 88.3

CO2: 107g/km

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