“Recipe for success” revealed by Skoda

Skoda has released its “recipe for success” to the motoring public and it includes 100kg of caster sugar, 180 fresh eggs and 42kg of chocolate fudge.

The recipe in question is the one used to make the centrepiece of Skoda’s latest advert for the new Fabia.

A life-sized cake car was created for the new ad, which Skoda said will only have passed people by if they have “been on the moon for the past week”.

Filmed at west London’s Shepperton Studios, the commercial has been “causing a real stir”, according to the automaker, partly as a result of its “astounding” attention to detail.

The services of the country’s top chocolatiers, bakers and bricklayers were enlisted for the venture, which involved the creation of a sugar-dusted sponge roof and a treacle-filled engine.

After several days under hot studio lights, the cake car would have posed a health risk if eaten. Some parts were preserved, such as the marzipan wing mirrors and chocolate speedometer, but the rest was composted and will be used to fertilise gardens across London.

The new Fabia is now on sale in the UK with prices starting at £7,990.


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