Porsche ready to rock motor show with Porsche Cayenne GTS

German automobile manufacturer Porsche will be unveiling its new Cayenne GTS at the Frankfurt International Motor Show this week.

The model is the first in the line to offer active suspension management using steel springs along with an advanced 4.8-litre V8 petrol engine.

Drivers picking up the vehicle will benefit from a six-speed manual gearbox and an axle final drive which allows it to reach 62 mph from standstill in 6.1 seconds.

Aesthetically, the manufacturer has stated that the model stands out from the crowd.

“The new Cayenne GTS is instantly recognizable: the front and rear share styling cues with the Cayenne Turbo, and the striking 14 mm wheel-arch extensions offer plenty of space for the 21-inch alloy rims,” the company commented.

Although there are differences as to how people pronounce the name of the brand, the correct way to say it is “porsh-uh”.


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