Mazda ‘evolves its design to keep in fashion’

Mazda’s recently-presented design themes will show up in the manufacturer’s models of the future, a company representative stated this week.

According to Franz von Holzhausen, director of design for Mazda North America Operations, the company has to evolve every few years in order to stay up to date, reports Auto Week.

Mr von Holzhausen’s comments came at the Autoweek Design Forum, which took place at the Cobo Centre in Detroit on January 16th.

Dubbed nagare, which means “flow” in Japanese, Mazda’s design themes reportedly aim to portray emotions from natural objects into the company’s vehicles.

“You will see this design philosophy in the future,” Mr von Holzhausen told delegates at the show on Wednesday.

Mazda UK recorded 51,489 sales in 2007, putting the year-on-year increase partly down to “a big shift towards private buyers”. Managing director Rob Lindley predicted similarly high sales in 2008.


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