Infiniti give A for new ‘Q’ Range

Infiniti G37 to become Q50

Infiniti G37 to become Q50

Infiniti, the luxury arm of Japanese car manufacturer Nissan, have decided on a new naming strategy for all vehicles hitting the road from 2014.

After a little bit of soul-searching, Infiniti have decided their current naming strategy is a mess.

Consider the evidence

The current range includes Infiniti G (G25/G25x sedan, G37 sedan/coupe/convertible/G37x sedan, IPL coupe/convertible); Infiniti M (M25, M30d, M35h, M37/M37x AWD and M56/M56x AWD variations, all sedans); Infiniti EX (EX30d and EX37 in Europe)’ Infiniti FX (FX30d, FX35, FX37 and FX50 variations); Infiniti QX56 (SUV); Infiniti JX (CUV). Thanks Wikipedia.

Infiniti have announced that they will do away with an alphabetti spaghetti approach to naming their cars. (Spoiler alert) surely prompted by the new Q in the latest James Bond film (overlong, and focussing too much on M and not enough on the baddy, in case you were wondering), all cars will now carry ‘Q’ or ‘QX’ plus two digits.

The first model to get a shiny new name is their G37 which becomes a Q50. ‘Q’ will communicate a saloon vehicle and ‘QX’ a crossover.

Next up will be a Q60 coupe and cabrio model of the Q50. Replacing the M saloon, Infiniti drivers will sit behind the wheel of a Q70 saloon. Crossover EX becomes a QX50, FX becomes QX70.

The move is seen as a way to avoid negative press about downsizing some of the engines in Infiniti’s offering (A G37 carrying a 3.7 litre engine was about to become a G20, carrying a 2.0 litre version) while allowing Infiniti to compete in the luxury sector.

Infiniti suit Johan De Nysschen explained:

Over the past few months, we’ve talked to our dealers, customers and business partners, all of whom agree that we need a simple and consistent new model identity to make our branding more straightforward, as we expand our model range.


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