BMW 330d gets mixed review from Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has given a mixed review to the BMW 330D in his Times motoring column. Used BMW fans might be interested to see if the celebrity’s criticisms are still valid in a few years’ time.

The controversial TV presenter, who earlier this week injured Ian Hislop by throwing a pen at him during Have I Got News For You, was impressed with the car’s “diesel engine of unparalleled smoothness”.

Likewise the Top Gear man gave the thumbs up to the “firm yet comfortable” suspension.

But he was less than taken with the headlamp dip switch which “works like the lever in a railway signal box” and couldn’t get to grips with the sat nav.

Top of his list of gripes is the torque which can cause the car to emit “an ear-splitting screech”.

The Telegraph’s Erin Baker has given the car a far more favourable review. She thinks it is far superior to the Audi A4 and reserved special praise for its well-weighted steering, suppleness, comfort and “familiar austere interior”.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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