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AA Smart Lease offers a much more comprehensive deal than most other types of leasing deals on the market. One of the key highlights of this all-encompassing package is that the servicing and maintenance of your car is included in your monthly fee. 

If you’re unsure as to what’s included in this service and maintenance package, here we help to explain… 

On the road costs

Smart Lease covers all the core ‘on the road’ costs, including initial registration, road tax and any MOTs once the vehicle gets to 3 years old.

While the registration and first year tax are usually included in the initial purchase price of a new car, the following years of tax would set you back around £150 annually, depending on the car’s CO2 emissions – it’s free for electric cars – but with Smart Lease you don't need to worry about these costs.


Routine servicing is an important part of car ownership and you should have your vehicle serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. These vary depending on the car and how it’s used, but are usually every year or 12,000 miles – whichever comes sooner. The servicing recommendations for any car can be found in the handbook or on the manufacturer’s website.

Servicing a car can quite easily cost £200. It’s an expensive part of running a vehicle. Most traditional car lease deals don’t include servicing. The onus is on you to pay. But with Smart Lease all routine servicing is included as part of your monthly fee. This covers all manufacturer service intervals and includes oil, bulbs and consumables. Even better, collection for the servicing and delivery afterwards are included as well.

All you need to do in the between times is ensure the fluids are topped up in your car.


It’s not just routine servicing that's included in a Smart Lease deal, though, maintenance is as well. This means you won’t have to fork out for the replacement of ‘wear and tear’ items, including wipers, bulbs, batteries, exhausts and brakes. Tyre, battery and exhaust replacements are also covered during your lease, except if replacement is needed due to lack of care or abuse of your car.

There are a handful of exclusions for maintenance, none of which should be a surprise. such as: repair or replacement of parts due to driver error, damage or negligence (including misfuelling); repairs due to accidents (whether at fault or not), impacts, vandalism, theft or misuse; missing or broken items such as badges or wheel trims; lubricants, AdBlue or fluid top ups between service intervals; vehicle glass; adding or removing artwork or lettering; washing, frost damage, valeting or waxing.


Good condition tyres are essential for helping to keep you and any passengers safe in your car, but it can be very expensive to have them all replaced.

The Smart Lease package includes the cost of repair or replacement of any tyres on the car which become unusable by reason of fair wear and tear or accidental damage, but not misuse.

Your tyres should be replaced when the tread depth is 2mm. Or a tyre must be replaced if it's damaged or deemed to warrant replacement by a competent tyre fitter due to safety reasons.

You need to use our approved garages and tyre fitters, so to arrange a replacement call 0344 472 1081 and select the tyres option. The team will check the availability within your area for your car's tyres and arrange a fitting appointment for you. 


Ensuring your windscreen is in good condition is important for your safety, but they can often be expensive to repair and replace – which is annoying given the likelihood of them chipping and cracking.

With Smart Lease, though, we'll replace the windscreen if there's a manufacturing defect. Also, if it needs replacing from an accident, you’ll only have to pay £100 excess, which is far less than a windscreen would usually cost you.

Free delivery and collection

Vehicle maintenance can often prove a hassle, and not just because of the expense, but also the time and inconvenience of getting your car to and from the garage when it’s being serviced. However, with Smart Lease you get free collection and delivery of your car when any routine maintenance is needed, saving you time and hassle. If you live in the Scottish islands or a particularly remote location, charges may apply.

What about if my car is off the road?

If you’ve been involved in an incident or your car needs to go into the garage for longer repairs, the Smart Lease team will arrange for your car to be booked in at the nearest garage where a courtesy car is most likely to be available.

Call our team on 0344 472 1081 and they'll book the car into an approved garage near you.

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