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To speed things up and reduce the number of questions, we've assumed a few things. So before you can buy this policy you'll need to confirm the following apply to you, the named drivers and the car.

Assumptions about this cover


  • don't live on the Channel Isles
  • are, as the policyholder, the main driver of the car (unless you tell us that another driver named on the policy is the car’s main driver)

Your car

  • is built to a UK spec
  • will not be insured by a leasing company, company or club

You and other drivers

  • live in the UK on a permanent basis
  • have no pending prosecutions for motoring offences
  • have never been refused insurance
  • have never had a policy cancelled or special terms imposed
  • have not been declared unfit to drive by the DVLA or advised not to drive by a doctor because of a medical condition which the DVLA required information about


We should still be able to find a quote for you, even if the assumptions affect you. We just need to ask a few more questions. So, call us on 0800 197 9167. Alternatively, we can call you.

Can we help?

Call us 0800 197 7178 UK call centres open:
Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm