How to Make A Claim

What to do when things go wrong

In An Emergency

If you need urgent help to prevent further loss or damage to your property, phone the 24-hour Home Emergency Line (buildings insurance only) on 0845 7010 100.

Remember that you'll have to pay the tradesman direct for their charges.

For urgent help and advice on legal matters please phone the 24-hour Legal Advice Helpline on 0161 428 7039.


  • Check your cover and endorsements carefully to make sure that the loss or damage is covered under this insurance.
  • Phone the Insurer Claimline as soon as possible to report the loss or damage and to ask for a claim form. They will tell you what to do next. You'll find the number in '&detail=ABOUT_YOUR_POLICY#claim">More about your policy'.
  • When you receive the claim form, please fill it in and return it as soon as possible to the address shown on the claim form. You should also enclose any other information we have asked you to provide.
  • If you've had to pay a tradesman to make urgent repairs necessary to prevent further loss or damage, you should ask for and keep hold of any receipts they give you.
  • For non-urgent repairs or replacements please follow the instructions we give you. We may ask you to get estimates or want to see the damage ourselves before agreeing to any work.

You'll need to quote your policy number each time you phone or write to us.

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