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12 months' Preferred membership

Walk in, sit down, start work

Looking for drop-in space where you can work productively? AA members can get 12 months’ Preferred membership – including 10 business lounge visits – by taking advantage of this great offer from Regus.

No need to book – just drop in wherever and whenever it suits you.

  • Access to more than 1,500 global business lounges
  • 10% discount on meeting room, day office, co-working office and video-conference bookings
  • Free refreshments and business-class WiFi
  • Access to on-site administrative support
  • Two complimentary business lounge guest passes

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Regus Group Businessworld terms and conditions

  1. As a Regus Group Businessworld Preferred member you will have access to all participating Regus Group centres worldwide during standard business working hours. Preferred Membership entitles the cardholder to up to fifteen free Business Lounge visits within one year of the membership being activated.
  2. Use of all services and products is subject to availability. A lounge visit is measured in whole days, and each location used within a day will count as a day visit per location. A Businessworld membership is not intended to be a replacement for a full time or regular office.
  3. Your belongings must be cleared at the end of each day and you are solely responsible for your belongings at the centre.
  4. Regus will require charges for additional services used to be paid on the day of usage or by opening an account secured by valid credit card details.
  5. Memberships will automatically expire when you have utilised your lounge visit entitlement or at the end of the one year period, whichever is the lesser.
  6. A Businessworld Preferred member visiting a lounge and not reserving a Day Office or Co-Work Office will be charged a fee per guest to entertain the guest in the lounge. If required, meetings rooms are available at all Regus locations and can be reserved at preferential rates for Businessworld Preferred members.
  7. Businessworld Preferred membership cards are personal and cannot be transferred, assigned or used by others unless agreed upon by Regus. For security reasons, you may be required to present your Businessworld card along with a valid picture form of identification at check-in.
  8. The Regus Group Businessworld Preferred card issued to you remains the property of the Regus Group at all times and must be surrendered upon request.
  9. Our local standard service agreement and conditions of use will automatically apply to your use of any particular service and your use of any accommodation(s). Regus reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and conditions of use at any time, and local variations may exist. Terms and Conditions of use are available upon request. We also reserve the right to alter or terminate the Regus Group Businessworld Preferred program, or any account there under, at any time without notice. Under these circumstances, the Regus Group's liability is limited to fees paid in advance.
  10. You acknowledge and accept that your personal data may be transferred or made accessible to all entities of the Regus group, wherever located, for the purposes of providing the services herein.
  11. The Businessworld Preferred program is intended for your temporary use of our facilities. In order to best serve you and create a professional workplace for our cardholders, we reserve the right to limit or terminate cardholder usage if we consider it to be non-compliant with any applicable terms or conditions of use.
  12. You agree to pay all fees for additional services when they are due. In the event that you do not pay fees when they are due, you may be charged a late fee and interest on the unpaid balance starting from your due date. The Regus Group may also suspend your privileges until the dues are settled. You may also be responsible for any additional collections charges incurred by the Regus Group.
  13. Discounts, Promotions and Offers: You agree that, unless prohibited by applicable law, Regus may discontinue with immediate effect and without the need to give formal written notice any and all discounts, promotions and offers remaining on this agreement if during its term you breach these terms and conditions, are one month past due in payment or are assessed a late fee in any two months.
  14. If your Regus Group Businessworld Preferred card is lost or stolen, a new card will be issued and we may charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of administration and fulfilment. The Businessworld Preferred card is offered as a onetime customer trial of the Businessworld program, customers are not permitted to apply for concurrent or continuous Preferred membership regardless of where the preferred card may be offered. Regus reserves the right to terminate any customer's membership who is found to be abusing this privilege.