Teens behind the wheel

Driving before the age of 17 can really benefit young drivers

U17 driving experiences

You want your offspring to get ahead in life – and teaching them to drive and seeing them pass their driving test is one of their first great steps towards independence.

But two of the biggest risks to your teenage son or daughter are driving on the road, and being a passenger in a car driven by a peer.

Could youngsters benefit by being offered driver training before the age of 17?

Under-17s driving experiences

Providing teens with experience behind the wheel before they apply for their provisional licence, allows them to expend their adrenaline – and increase their driving confidence before they hit the road.

The AA now offers 14- to 16-year-olds the chance to learn the basics of driving – in a safe and controlled environment, off the public highway. It’s fun and instructive, and gives youngsters an opportunity to practise and improve their driving skills and vehicle control.

Online learning

Teenagers across the country can also kick-start their driving education through Drive iQ. This free online tool provides youngsters with access to interactive modules designed to introduce them to the core skills needed when on the road.

The modules examine driving attitudes and the causes of accidents, getting youngsters to think about the consequences of road safety before they get behind the wheel.

Book an under-17 driving experience now

Sessions held by experienced and qualified AA driving instructors are being offered in several UK venues – and tickets are now on sale for £59 (including VAT) for one hour.

Places are limited – so if you have teenage children, book now to give them a head start to becoming a safe driver.

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(19 March 2014)