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Day trip destinations to cash in on bank holiday travellers

21 August 2008

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Day-trip destinations, such as the seaside, national parks or theme parks, will benefit most from the travelling pound this bank holiday, latest data from the AA Populus panel reveals1.

Nearly half of UK drivers (46%) who will travel this extended weekend are opting for a day trip to get away from it all. This compares with nearly one in three (29%) going away for the whole weekend, and around one-sixth (15%) heading off or returning from major holidays.

The urge to escape for the day is most felt in the North East with 53% intending to do so. Although West Midlanders are the least smitten by a day away (40%), they are among the biggest advocates of the big weekend break – along with London, Northern Ireland and neighbouring East Midlands (all 31-32%).

Almost one in six road travellers (14%) going or coming back from their main summer holiday are most likely to share the trip with people from the South or West Midlands. Londoners, Scots and East Midlanders are least likely to have lumped bank holiday Monday in with their annual leave.

Those travelling to and from major holidays at this time of the season are twice as likely to be pensioners than teenagers, with 17% aged 65 years and above compared to just 8% in the 18 to 24-year-old group.

Marketing agencies looking to make a last bid for the summer holidaymaker pound might take note that more than one in 10 drivers, who say they are going to get out this weekend, are desperate to do so but don't know where they're going.

"High fuel prices and a wet summer may have halved the number of holidaymakers taking to the road this weekend, but it may not be such a washout for tourism," says Paul Watters, head of AA Public Affairs.

"Petrol prices that averaged 119.7 pence per litre mid-July had yesterday dropped to 112.38. This means that, each time a holidaymaker fills up their 50-litre tank, the more than 7p-a-litre saving will free up £3.50 for other tourism spending."

"Financial pressures on travellers in their late teens and early twenties appear to be sapping their holiday spending power, with pensioners heading off on a long holiday outnumbering younger travellers two to one."


1AA Populous panel survey of 12,146 conducted between 08 and 14 August 2008

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Regional results

Weekend away: London 32%, South 24%, South West 27%, Wales 29%, East Midlands 32%, East Anglia 26%, Yorks/Humberside 29%, North West 29%, North East 24%, West Midlands 32%, Scotland 26%, Northern Ireland 31%.

Going on or returning from a longer holiday: London 12%, South 16%, South West 14%, Wales 14%, East Midlands 12%, East Anglia 14%, Yorks/Humberside 14%, North West 13%, North East 13%, West Midlands 18%, Scotland 11%, Northern Ireland 16%.

Day trip: London 42%, South 47%, South West 49%, Wales 45%, East Midlands 46%, East Anglia 49%, Yorks/Humberside 47%, North West 47%, North East 53%, West Midlands 40%, Scotland 47%, Northern Ireland 42%.

Don't know: London 13%, South 13%, South West 9%, Wales 12%, East Midlands 10%, East Anglia 11%, Yorks/Humberside 10%, North West 11%, North East 10%, West Midlands 10%, Scotland 15%, Northern Ireland 10%.


21 August 2008