Funeral Benefit Option

A £250 discount towards your funeral costs

If you want to give your family a helping hand to pay your funeral costs, you may be interested in the funeral benefit option. Choose this option when you apply, and your cash sum will automatically be used as a contribution towards your funeral costs – although it does not guarantee to cover the full cost.

We've teamed up with Golden Charter to provide this option. Their plans are accepted by over 2,100 independent funeral directors across the UK. If you choose this option you will also be eligible for a £250 discount towards your funeral costs.


  • Financial assistance towards your funeral costs – helping to ease your loved ones' money worries and anxiety at a difficult time.
  • No need to wait for probate – your cash sum will go directly to Golden Charter who will then use it to pay the nominated funeral director.
  • Advice and support for your family – just one call to Golden Charter will set your funeral benefit option in motion and your family will receive help and advice every step of the way.
  • A discount of £250 towards your funeral expenses provided by Golden Charter. You will still receive this voucher, even if you die within the first year of your policy.

How to take up this option

  • Once you have completed your application for 50 Plus Life Insurance, including your direct debit instruction, you can choose to add the funeral benefit option.
  • Golden Charter will then send you a welcome pack. This will include instructions for your next of kin and information on claiming the £250 discount, which can only be redeemed against the cost of a funeral arranged through Golden Charter. Please note the £250 is a fixed amount and inflation will reduce its value over time.

How the option works

  • An experienced, local independent funeral director will be nominated by Golden Charter and paid directly from your cash sum. Your family can rely on them to provide all the help and guidance needed to arrange your funeral.
  • If your funeral costs less than the cash sum provided by your policy, the difference will be paid to your estate. If it costs more, the difference will need to be paid by your estate or by your family.
  • Only one discount per policyholder is allowed, even if more than one policy is taken out.
  • It's free to take out the funeral benefit option, and it can be removed at any time. If you decide to remove it at a later date it cannot be added again. If the option is removed the £250 discount will no longer be available.

When choosing how much cover you need, remember that inflation will reduce the value of your cash sum in the future. If you would like to help protect your family against rising costs, you can choose the increasing cover option.

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