Steps to learning

Have a plan for learning to drive

Man making plans


There are a number of things you'll need to do on your way to learning to drive and passing your test.

So it pays to adopt a systematic approach – have a plan …


  • Apply for your provisional licence
  • Choose your instructor
  • Start studying To pass your tests you'll need to know a lot of theory, as well as be able to demonstrate practical skill. You'll also need to pass both your theory test and your hazard perception tests before you're allowed to sit your practical test.


  • Start your lessons Your instructor will put together a plan for your lessons.
  • Keep up the study
  • Start planning Your instructor should be able to give you some idea of how many lessons you'll need.


  • Continue your lessons Your lessons will become more challenging.
  • Keep up the study Keep your books handy and study them whenever you get the chance.
  • Private practice Follow up your professional lessons with private lessons with a driver you trust.


  • Final lessons
  • Book your test Book your theory test, you'll need to pass that before you take your practical test.
  • Study hard Review everything you've learned.
  • Private lessons Continue to practise your new skills.

Finally …

  • Take your practical test You may want to book a final lesson before your practical test.

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