Getting back on the road

Getting back on the road


Our aim is to get drivers safely back on the road, and that's what a Steer Clear course can help you do. We'll let the court know you've completed the course, talk you through how to get your ban reduced, and our insurance team can give you a quote that reflects the fact you've completed the course.

 “ A very informative and eye opening experience that was well worth every pound!” Shane, course participant with LCRC

Getting your driving licence back after your ban

The law says magistrates can give up to a 25% (a quarter) reduction in your ban if you complete a course. This may be indicated on your referral order as a percentage, or the magistrate may have stated the number of months, weeks, or days, that they will take off your ban.

Normally however, the reductions will be as follows:

Length of Ban      Ban reduction
12 months  3 months
14 months  3 or 3½ months
18 months  4 or 4½ months
24 months  6 months
30 months  7 or 7½ months

After attending the course, we will send you, and the court that referred you, an official 'certificate of completion'. The court will then inform the DVLA of your successful attendance and you can reapply for your licence once the reduced ban is over, paying the appropriate fee and using Form D1, available at from the Post Office.


Insurance after your drink drive ban

You will probably find that, following a drink drive conviction, your insurance premiums will increase massively.

However, completing a DVSA-approved, drink drive rehabilitation course, such as Steer Clear, will help to limit that increase. Premiums for drivers with a conviction are usually negotiated on a case by case basis, so you’ll need to get in touch with insurance providers directly rather than using comparison sites –  AA insurance can be contacted on 0345 070 6043.

High risk offenders scheme

If you are convicted of a drink drive offence, you may, in certain circumstances, be classified as a High Risk Offender. This means that, if you are disqualified for the offence, your driving licence will not automatically be returned to you at the end of the period of disqualification. The High Risk Offenders Scheme is intended to deal with drivers whose apparent dependency on alcohol presents a risk to road safety.

This scheme covers people in the following categories:

  • Those disqualified twice, within a ten year period, for any drink drive offence.
  • Those disqualified for having a proportion of alcohol in the body two and a half, or more times the legal limit, which equalled or exceeded: (i) 87.5 mg per 100 ml of breath, or (ii) 200 mg per 100 ml of blood, or (iii) 267.5 mg per 100 ml of urine.
  • Those disqualified for failing, without reasonable cause, to provide a specimen for analysis.

Under the High Risk Offenders Scheme, offenders are required to satisfy the Medical Advisor at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that they do not have a drink problem and are fit to drive before their licences are returned. DVLA will notify offenders covered by this scheme what they need to do to apply for the return of their licence. There is a charge for applying for the restoration of the licence. A fee must also be paid for the necessary medical examination. If you have any queries about the High Risk Offenders Scheme, please contact the DVLA in Swansea on 0345 070 6043. More information can be found on the DVLA website.

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