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Drink driving rehabilitation course

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Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
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Caught drink driving?

If you are found guilty of a drink drive offence, there are different penalites depending on how over the limit you were.

However, if you lose your licence you may be offered the chance to reduce your ban by doing a course. If you are not offered the opportunity of an educational course, you or your solicitor will need to ask the judge if you are eligible.

Completing a course can mean a 25% reduction in your driving ban. It's not a telling off – it just gives you all the facts so you can make better, more informed decisions in the future. The course covers the impacts of alcohol on the body, the potential consequences of drink driving, and looks at risk-taking behaviour.

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"I didn’t think the course would be helpful, but in fact it was very thought provoking and will definitely affect my behaviour in the future."


"A very informative and eye opening experience that was well worth every pound!"

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