Designed for motorcyclists who have been involved in a crash or committed an endorsable offence


Thames Valley National RIDE

The aim of the Thames Valley National RIDE scheme is to enable both novice and experienced motorcyclists to gain a broader understanding of the dangers, and potential consequences, of their riding decisions. It is part of the National RIDE (Rider Intervention and Developing Experience) initiative.




6 hours comprising of a 2 ½ hour morning session, an hour for lunch and a 2 ½ hour afternoon session. No practical on-road riding is involved.



The Workshop encourages riders to reflect on their own riding experience to date and to consider the potential consequences of their actions. It helps riders make better and more informed driving decisions and provides new ideas and approaches for dealing with different riding situations.



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Upper Heyford

Cherwell Innovation Centre,
Building 78,
Heyford Park,
Upper Heyford
near Bicester,

OX25 5HD

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