Call Divert courses

Call Divert courses

For drivers who have hand-held a mobile phone while driving


Caught driving with a mobile?

Call Divert

The Call Divert Scheme aims to raise the awareness of the potential consequences of using a mobile phone while driving or supervising a provisional licence holder. The Course enables drivers to gain greater awareness of the potential consequences of using communication technology in appropriately while driving.

Why should you attend this Driver Awareness Course?

  • Local venues available throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Drivers say they benefit from the experience
  • Choose a date and time that suits you – evenings and weekends often available
  • Easy to book online or by phone
  • Avoid court or a ticket (fine and points)
  • Training in a relaxed environment
  • No pass or fail tests

The course is 2 ½ hours long; the price will vary depending on the training venue location you choose. The course covers:

  • Provide relevant data on the subject
  • Clarify the law on the use of mobile phones and similar devices
  • Provide details of the law as it stands
  • Provide practical in class exercises
  • Demonstrate the importance of focused concentration while driving

The Call Divert Scheme is run in both the Thames Valley and Suffolk Police force areas. We do offer a selection of venues within each force area to keep travelling distances to a minimum. However, please note that you can only attend a course in the Police force area where your offence took place. To view information specific to each of our course locations please use the links on the right hand side.

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